Give Your Liver Some Lovin’

LiverThere are many parts of our body that we think of and consciously support, but I’m pretty sure you liver isn’t on that list. Poor liver! It has a high demand job, but get’s little respect or active support.

Just what does your liver do for you? You may already be aware that it filters your blood, but did you know it’s also responsible for:

  • the regulation of fat storage
  • neutralizing and destroying poisons
  • manufacturing new body proteins
  • metabolizing alcohol
  • managing the chemicals in your blood
  • aiding digestion with the production of bile
  • producing immune factors
  • storing vitamins, minerals and sugars
  • maintaining hormone balance
  • controlling production/secretion of cholesterol
  • and regenerating its own damaged tissues
  • WHEW!!! I’m tired just reading the list!

Did the cholesterol function catch your attention? Cholesterol has become something of a scapegoat in health – getting the blame for heart disease and other ailments. Yet cholesterol is a vital building block of brain tissue and cell membranes, and plays a part in hormone and bile production. We need cholesterol … in balance! If your blood tests show that your LDL is high, it’s a sign that your liver is overburdened.

Do you know someone who has gallbladder issues? That’s the small organ tucked under the liver’s right lobe that stores bile for digestion. If your gallbladder is producing gallstones, that’s a sign that your diet is not supporting your body and your liver is in distress.

How are your blood sugar levels? Are your hormones in balance? The liver plays a part in these functions, and bringing them back into balance involves supporting your liver.

The liver is essentially your body’s gatekeeper and the health of your entire body is reflected in the effectiveness of its filtering and detox pathways. When is the last time you supported – loved – your liver by helping it to clean house?

I want to offer you the opportunity to do just that with the support of me, your health coach, and others who are also loving their livers by embarking on a 7-day cleanse together. My clients who have done the cleanse have experienced clear thinking, increased energy, lower blood pressure, balanced blood sugar, improved blood test results and weight loss.

How much better would you feel with a refreshed liver? Would you be better equipped to face – and enjoy – the holidays? Read more about my 7-day Energy Boosting Cleanse and consider using this approach to support your liver, and your whole body.

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