Is Your Age Really Your Age

Is Your Age Really Your Age?

. Is your age really your age? It’s harder to see it in yourself, so think about your friends. There are likely some that look or act older than they are. And some that seem younger than their birthdate would indicate. Is it their face that doesn’t match that number, or is it their energy, and actions?

Perhaps it is actually their biological age, which measures the health of their cells and DNA instead.  If you’ve been tuned into health, it’s not a great leap to say your biological age matters more than your chronological one. But what is biological age and why is it important?

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Are Your Symptoms Aging or Inflammation?

Do you have a friend (or two) who claims that “getting old sucks?” Many struggle with growing numbers of symptoms that they attribute to aging, but few realize that most of those symptoms are actually caused by inflammation. What about you? Are your symptoms aging or inflammation?

I firmly believe that many of the symptoms we attribute to age are avoidable. Some call this inflammation that comes with (or accelerates) aging “inflammaging.” Yet there is good news! With proper nutrition and lifestyle strategies, you can slow this inflamm-aging process and reduce your risk of health issues. Read more