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Is Depression A Challenge You Face?

A mental health crisis is underway in the U.S. Depression is among the most common mental health issue with 21 million adults experiencing one or more major depressive episodes. A growing number of children and teens are also experiencing depression. Is depression a challenge you face? Antidepressant medications remain a first-line treatment for depression, even […]

Move Your Lymph

Most everyone is familiar with the cardiovascular system that helps to pump blood to the body’s tissues. Did you know there is another series of vessels that carry a clear liquid called lymph? It’s important to move your lymph to improve your health. Move Your Lymph While nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the body […]

Is Your Age Really Your Age?

. Is your age really your age? It’s harder to see it in yourself, so think about your friends. There are likely some that look or act older than they are. And some that seem younger than their birthdate would indicate. Is it their face that doesn’t match that number, or is it their energy, […]

10 Tips To Polish Your Crown

Do you wear a crown each day? Not even the royals wear their bejeweled crowns daily, yet many would say your hair is the crown you never take off. I would say that is true for women. When you look in the mirror, are you satisfied, or would you be interested in 10 tips to […]

How To Avoid Environmental Toxins

Spring is in the air, and I wonder whether you are enjoying the beauty outside as much as I am? I wonder, along with outdoor beauty, does spring conjure up thoughts of spring cleaning for you, or was that a different generation? Aside from an added focus on the nooks and crannies of your home, […]

Could Your Liver Influence Your Allergies?

When you were young did you know a lot of people who had allergies? Were you in a classroom that wouldn’t allow peanut products because of the number of children who were at risk? Clearly, something has changed for allergies to become so common. We are regularly subjected to toxins that put an increased burden […]