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A Tasty Poison In Our Foods

No doubt you have heard that monosodium glutamate is not good for you. I’m wondering whether you think you are not eating it because you skip Chinese food unless the restaurant says they don’t use MSG? The sad truth, MSG is still a tasty poison in our foods. Monosodium glutamate recreates a natural flavor called […]

Do You Mind Your Bs?

I’m referring to B Vitamins, which have a significant role in the proper function of your body. The mighty Bs support hormone production, mood, and mental health, as well as ongoing detoxification. It’s important you mind your Bs. When I am working with clients, I am mindful of what nutrients they may be lacking. I […]

Cultivating A Positive Perspective

Would you consider yourself a positive person? Would the people around you say that you were happy? The pressures of the holidays can magnify negative feelings or self-doubting thoughts. The good news … they don’t have to take root. Cultivating a positive perspective is quite possible. I heard an interesting presentation recently by a neuroscientist […]

Restore Your Gut Health With The 5R Approach

You may have been able to ignore digestive distress in the past, but I’m guessing that Thanksgiving made it a little more difficult. What are your digestive symptoms? Bloating, gas, indigestion, hiccups, pain, burping, or disrupted elimination? Many will simply take a medication for temporary relief, not realizing that their body is sending a cry […]