Bloating – A Call For Action

Bloating – A Call For Action

Are you one of the 20-30% of our population dealing with gas and bloating on a regular basis? It is an uncomfortable signal that your body – specifically your digestive tract – needs your help. Though it may seem to be your norm, bloating is a call for action on your body’s behalf.

Many experience this as abdominal distention after eating throughout the day. Some of my clients have called it their “food baby.” If this is you, do you find you need to loosen your belt or choose to wear an elastic waistband for greater comfort?

Or are you reluctant to eat very much because you get bloating and discomfort afterward? Yet lack of nutrition causes malnourishment and can lead to loss of muscle mass.

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Restore Your Gut Health with the 5R Approach

Restore Your Gut Health With The 5R Approach

You may have been able to ignore digestive distress in the past, but I’m guessing that Thanksgiving made it a little more difficult. What are your digestive symptoms? Bloating, gas, indigestion, hiccups, pain, burping, or disrupted elimination? Many will simply take a medication for temporary relief, not realizing that their body is sending a cry for help. Let’s review ways to restore your gut health with the 5R approach.

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Do You Have Leaky Gut?

While some fences are effective even when you can see through them, others are only effective when they form a full barrier. This is the case for the junction between your small intestines and your bloodstream. When this internal fence isn’t tight, you have what is called “leaky gut” and this can lead to downstream dis-ease. Do you have leaky gut?

What Is Leaky Gut?

Our gut barrier has the job of letting nutrients into the body while keeping toxins, viruses, parasites and unfriendlies out. When its integrity is impaired, harmful organisms or substances can leak into the bloodstream. Hence the term leaky gut. Read more

You’ve likely heard of food referred to as fuel. But that falls short of reality. Food is far more than fuel, it is also information.

Food Is Far More Than Fuel

You’ve likely heard of food referred to as fuel – I’ve even spoken that way in the past. But I’m realizing that it’s an analogy that falls short of reality. Food is far more than fuel, it is also information.

Food is what gives your body the energy and nutrients it needs to function. Your body requires fats, proteins and carbs, along with lots of micronutrients – vitamins, minerals and other compounds. All these help it functional properly. Read more