Edit Your Food Additives

Salt Shaker PouringWhat is a standard feature of your kitchen or dining room table? Do you have salt and pepper shakers on your table at home, or are you nervous about the effect of salt on your health?

I would agree that too much salt is not good for you, provided we are talking about the chemically-produced table salt that is added to most processed foods, meats and snacks.

Table salt – which is 97% sodium chloride – is chemically produced, bleached and devoid of most other nutrients. Would you be surprised to know that table salt also contains aluminum, which is counted among the heavy metals that can wreak havoc in the body? Table salt is not naturally occurring, and in fact, when salt-water fish are placed in salt water made with table salt … they die.
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Edit Your Nutrients With Color

Red-Fruits-And-Vegetables-300x130In my last newsletter we began to talk about the color of our foods. Have you noticed the colors on your plate more frequently since I brought up the subject?

Perhaps you have been adding more colors to your meals. If so, I’m delighted, and would love to hear what you have been eating and whether you can tell any difference in your energy level or taste.

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