Are you one of the 60 million Americans who experience acid reflux? I'm guessing that your primary concern is to extinguish the pain.

Quench the Fire of Acid Reflux

Whether you experience nausea, heartburn, belching, dry coughing, or prolonged hiccups, you know the discomfort and frustration of acid reflux.

You don’t know when it will crop up, or when it will ever stop!  

You may be popping antacids frequently or have a prescription that offers some relief, but when taken long-term, these medications can cause malnutrition and set you up for disease down the road.

Acid reflux isn’t evidence of too much stomach acid….

It’s evidence of stomach acid in the wrong place – and we can fix that! 

Are you…

Frustrated with maintaining but not healing the cause of acid reflux?

Tired of knowing you can do better, but needing support to get there?

Ready for your digestion to work effectively?

It’s time to find relief!

Live Your Best Life
free from acid reflux!

Whether your symptoms are constant or occasional, acid reflux is still no fun and represents a risk to your health!

This on-demand course will give you personalized support to determine the root cause of the fire and extinguish it for good.

For just $79, this course includes:

A 30-minute consultation to explore your individual needs and help determine the steps to follow.

4 Course Modules that you can watch at your own pace, with education on what contributes to reflux and resources to support your progress.

Membership in a private Facebook group for daily support, encouragement, and answers to questions from Kelly and others who are on the journey with you.

All participants will also receive a copy of the bestseller,
From Diet to Edit, as a free bonus!

What have you got to lose?

Nausea…heartburn…belching…dry coughing…hiccups…

Get Started NOW,
and Quench the Fire TODAY!

What Clients Are Saying

“Working with Kelly has helped me change my relationship to food. I was so confused by jumping from diet to diet. I had no idea what was actually healthy. Her incredible knowledge, paired with her patience, empowered me to make the changes I so desperately needed.”

Annie RHappy Client

“Thank God I had Kelly to help me! Another prescription from the doctor was not the answer. Learning what was going on in my body led me to make adjustments to support my body for healing and that made all the difference in the world.”

Sandy KHappy Client

“Kelly honestly cares where you are in life, and is dedicated to helping her clients make lasting changes. She understands practical application of nutrition theory and helps her clients make change in small, manageable steps that make them doable.”

Amy LHappy Client

I’m Kelly Lutman, a Functional Medicine Health coach who wants to help you find the root cause of your acid reflux and help you turn it around. 

What is Functional Medicine? It is an approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease as the basis for supporting your body’s ability to heal.  

Through this approach I’ve helped my son resolve his ADD and clients overcome their challenges with IBS, diabetes, digestive discomfort and acid reflux – and I am confident that I can guide you in resolving your acid reflux, too.