Dr Google Will Not Save You

Dr. Google Will Not Save You

What do you do when you have questions these days? You probably go online and search, like many people do every day.

“The latest data shows that Google processes over 99,000 searches every single second (Internet Live Stats, 2022).
This makes more than 8.5 billion searches a day (Internet Live Stats, 2022).”

What does this word mean? Where can I find this item? What causes specific symptoms? How can I relieve acid reflux?

We have so many questions. To be blunt, you cannot Google yourself to good health.

I don’t believe Google actually wants you well. If they did, your searches would lead you to information that gives you real answers. Sadly, the search results are doing the opposite.

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5 Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

5 Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation

We all have a lot on our plates. You may work long hours in a business where you are responsible for the needs of your company, employees, and customers. Or you may work even longer hours in your home, raising a family.

It is all too easy to neglect your own health and self-care, which can be detrimental to your goals. There are several reasons you should consider beginning a yoga or meditation practice as part of your plan for success.

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