Could Your Liver Influence Your Allergies?

Could Your Liver Influence Your Allergies?

When you were young did you know a lot of people who had allergies? Were you in a classroom that wouldn’t allow peanut products because of the number of children who were at risk? Clearly, something has changed for allergies to become so common.

We are regularly subjected to toxins that put an increased burden on our liver. From chemicals used in agriculture to preservatives and fillers in our food. At home, there are multiplied chemicals used for hygiene and looking good, plus the chemicals we use to clean our homes.

Daily exposure to all these toxins triggers our immune system. Seasonal allergies are a sign that the immune system is on “hyper-alert” with chronic inflammation. They are also an indication that the liver is overburdened.

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Spring Cleaning For Your Body

As signs of spring appear, many are beginning the process of spring cleaning in their homes. Have you ever considered spring cleaning for your body? It’s a valuable practice that helps to “clear the sludge” that collects through winter months … or perhaps life changes related to a pandemic.

As we see in nature, winter’s cold weather causes us to naturally slow down and become more sedentary. This can lead to accumulation of added waste in the body. Spring’s biorhythm provides an ideal setting for a focused housecleaning, allowing the body to release this accumulated waste.

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Give Your Liver Some Lovin’

LiverThere are many parts of our body that we think of and consciously support, but I’m pretty sure you liver isn’t on that list. Poor liver! It has a high demand job, but get’s little respect or active support.

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