What’s D Got To Do With It?

What’s D Got To Do With It?

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in recommendations to boost Vitamin D. It was not an unknown vitamin until then. We have all heard that spending time in the sun could increase Vitamin D levels – but do you know why your level is important? Are you curious what’s D got to do with it?

Vitamin D is both a nutrient and a prohormone – a precursor to the hormone, calcitriol. It has many functions in the body touching the gut, bones, hormones, immune system, and gene expression. It’s an important part of healthy living.

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Could Your Liver Influence Your Allergies?

Could Your Liver Influence Your Allergies?

When you were young did you know a lot of people who had allergies? Were you in a classroom that wouldn’t allow peanut products because of the number of children who were at risk? Clearly, something has changed for allergies to become so common.

We are regularly subjected to toxins that put an increased burden on our liver. From chemicals used in agriculture to preservatives and fillers in our food. At home, there are multiplied chemicals used for hygiene and looking good, plus the chemicals we use to clean our homes.

Daily exposure to all these toxins triggers our immune system. Seasonal allergies are a sign that the immune system is on “hyper-alert” with chronic inflammation. They are also an indication that the liver is overburdened.

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Do You Have Leaky Gut?

While some fences are effective even when you can see through them, others are only effective when they form a full barrier. This is the case for the junction between your small intestines and your bloodstream. When this internal fence isn’t tight, you have what is called “leaky gut” and this can lead to downstream dis-ease. Do you have leaky gut?

What Is Leaky Gut?

Our gut barrier has the job of letting nutrients into the body while keeping toxins, viruses, parasites and unfriendlies out. When its integrity is impaired, harmful organisms or substances can leak into the bloodstream. Hence the term leaky gut. Read more

A student of medical history? I have appreciated reflections on the current pandemic in light of prior ones, and the missing messages.

Reflections On The Current Pandemic

Are you a student of history? I have not studied medical history extensively, yet I have followed others who have done so. I have appreciated their reflections on the current pandemic in light of prior ones.

Emerging diseases take off fast, usually because the pathogens have encountered fresh territory. If the disease is bacterial in nature, it can be countered with antibiotics, but we don’t always know right away. Treatments are explored in a rush to find a cure, but rarely are foundational changes addressed. Read more

Rather than manage your stress, you may find greater benefit if you increase your stress resistance with your vagus nerve.

Increase Your Stress Resistance With Your Vagus Nerve

These days it is nearly impossible to avoid stress. Many are looking for ways to manage their stress, yet you may find greater benefit if you increase your stress resistance with your vagus nerve.

What is the vagus nerve, you ask? The vagus nerve forms a bi-directional “super highway” between your brain and the majority of your internal organs. Vagus means “wandering” in Latin, an appropriate name for the longest nerve in the body that meanders around your chest and abdomen. Read more

The past many months have shown us with a variety of stressful situations. Take inventory of your tool box to pursue wellness.

Take Inventory of Your Tool Box

The past many months have provided us with a variety of stressful situations. We’ve dealt with quarantine, loss of jobs, illness, riots, political upheaval, isolation, children’s school disruption and more. All of these represented stressors. Yet our individual perceptions classified some of these situations as a challenge to overcome, and others as insurmountable. As we pursue wellness on a daily basis, I want to encourage you to take inventory of your tool box so you know what’s available to help. Read more

How Stress Affects Your Health

Unless you are hidden away in a mountain retreat, I’m quite certain that you are feeling the effects of stress. We are aware of those moments when stress hits, and the physical and mental feelings it brings. Yet there’s a good chance that you are not aware of how stress affects your health.

You may think that decreased productivity at work, trouble sleeping, anger, headaches, and your frequent trips to the bathroom are separate issues. In reality they are all common signs and symptoms of stress. Read more

When faced with uncertainty related to disease risk, how do you respond? I believe you need vitamins to boost your immune function.

Vitamins Boost Your Immune Function

When faced with uncertainty related to disease risk, how do you respond? Most of us follow recommendations to wash our hands and isolate from others and wear face masks when in public. Is that enough? I believe you need vitamins to boost your immune function.

Washing your hands is very effective against bacteria and viruses. You don’t need antibacterial soap – the traditional form will work quite well. In fact, I don’t recommend using a lot of antibacterial products because they destroy the microbiome on your skin. That microbiome is part of your protective barrier, and exposure to your environment informs your immune system. Read more

Flavor And Health Benefits From Autumn Herbs

One of my favorite parts of autumn is the aromas that are specific to the season. The warming spices, curries, and pumpkin — there’s something so comforting about these scents. Interestingly, the herbs and spices we rely on for flavoring our fall cooking have some incredible health benefits. Flavor, aroma and health benefits from autumn herbs – that’s a win! Read more

With fall approaching, we can can expect cooler temperatures and a potential increase in viral threats. It's vital to boost the army within.

Boost Your Internal Army

With the approach of fall, we can look forward to cooler temperatures, the holidays, and sadly, a potential increase in viral threats, such as flu and it’s cousin, Covid-19. I don’t address this to depress you, but rather to encourage you to take steps to prepare yourself.

I’m not encouraging you to seek out a vaccine either. Rather, I am encouraging you to focus on strengthening your inner army – your immune system. It has far more influendce on your overall health than you likely realize. You have the power to strengthen it with your daily choices, and I’d like to outline the primary areas for you. Read more