Do you feel like something is not right with your health, but can’t explain it? Are you being bounced from doctor to doctor, looking for better answers? Are you tired of feeling like your aging body is betraying you?


There is a different way to approach your health, a way that looks at everything–your diet, your blood work, your energy–to help you get the answers you are craving. Through applied knowledge and consistent change, you can find the options that will work best for you and your body!


Learn how to recognize the messages that your body is sending you, and be confident that you are giving yourself the support you need to feel energized and engaged in life!

How Do YOU Feel About Your Body?

Too often, the world only looks at how a person appears on the outside to determine health. While there may be external signs of problems in your body, it is not always the best indicator of how you are really doing.

But you know.

You feel tired and low on energy.
You feel like your body is not your own anymore,
and as doctors prescribe medication after medication with no end date in sight,
you can’t help but think,

There Must Be a Better Way!

The Pursue Wellness Approach

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Nutrition is not one-size-fits all. You need a plan that takes into account your personal needs, as well as limitations, to help fuel your body and keep you feeling your best.

Individualized Support

Through your bi-monthly wellness consultations, you’ll know that someone is listening to you and really paying attention to what you say.

Actionable Advice

You don’t need platitudes or cute memes for social media to get healthy. You need specific steps that help give your body the building blocks it needs to rebound.

It’s Easy to Get Started


Schedule a Discovery Call

We’ll go over your health goals together and see if we’re a good fit.


Get a Baseline

Next, we’ll get a baseline for your health by completing an in-depth health history and ordering blood work to check for key health indicators.


Make a Plan

Once we have a big-picture view of your health, we’ll create an actionable plan together to help your body rebound with better energy and better functionality.

Every time I went to the doctor I would come home with another prescription that didn’t solve the problem. I had done extensive testing, but was always told I was either “normal” or making up my symptoms. Thank God I had Kelly to help me! We discovered that my thyroid was not working optimally and I was able to get support for that. It has been a year since I started with Kelly and I’m playing tennis 4 days a week, and no longer needing an afternoon nap or grumpy, and I’ve gone down 2 sizes in clothes. I am very happy!

Sandy Keller

[Kelly] is knowledgeable, an excellent listener, creative and encouraging. I was seeking a solution to my fatigue and answers for what kept me from feeling my best. Kelly explained what was going on and helped me set realistic goals for change. If you have already been diagnosed, it’s not too late to get to the root of the problem and turn it around.

Pam Pareti

I struggled with regular migraines and wanted not only relief, but to be healthier. With Kelly’s help, I learned more about nutritional support for my body, completed a 21-day cleanse, and explored the root causes of my migraines. Kelly is energetic, encouraging, and helpful, and helped me incorporate healthy choices into my lifestyle and overcome my migraines.

Terri Cambre

After having 4 children in 8 years, my body was tired, and I was concerned about avoiding the diseases that most of my family face. Kelly helped me develop practical plans for food and encouraged me to sit down, breathe and chew – that was a game-changer. She honestly cared where I was in LIFE and used her nutritional knowledge to help me make changes in small, manageable pieces – making tweaks and edits to not just my “plate” but also my life. I would recommend Kelly to anyone seeking an individualized plan and needing someone to come alongside him/her to get started on the path toward wellness.

Amy Hauck

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