Could Your Liver Influence Your Allergies?

Could Your Liver Influence Your Allergies?

When you were young did you know a lot of people who had allergies? Were you in a classroom that wouldn’t allow peanut products because of the number of children who were at risk? Clearly, something has changed for allergies to become so common.

We are regularly subjected to toxins that put an increased burden on our liver. From chemicals used in agriculture to preservatives and fillers in our food. At home, there are multiplied chemicals used for hygiene and looking good, plus the chemicals we use to clean our homes.

Daily exposure to all these toxins triggers our immune system. Seasonal allergies are a sign that the immune system is on “hyper-alert” with chronic inflammation. They are also an indication that the liver is overburdened.

Your liver is a busy organ, performing about 200 functions daily. It detoxifies your blood, processes medications you take, excretes used up hormones, and produces bile, which is vital for fat digestion. These functions impact every system of your body.

How do you respond when you experience seasonal allergies? Most would reach for over-the-counter (OTC) allergy medications. Why would you want to consider natural allergy relief? Because even those OTC meds add to your liver’s toxic burden.

Using medication for an extended time can also be hard on your gut. The combination of an overburdened liver, a triggered immune system, and an unhappy gut can lead to estrogen dominance, chronic inflammation, a sluggish thyroid, and more allergies.

You can pursue greater wellness by supporting your liver and removing the underlying cause of your allergies.

Do An Elimination Diet

Removing foods that may have been causing inflammation – grains, dairy, sugar, soy, corn, eggs, and peanuts – can work as a reset for your body. The key is that you must eliminate completely for it to make a difference. No cheating allowed. And I recommend at least a 2-week elimination.

Not sure how you would do this? I offer seasonal 5-day Simple Detoxes as a starting point. Many of my clients have extended their detoxes longer use and they notice a difference in their bodies.

Support Your Liver with Bitter Herbs

Dandelion is a bitter herb that stimulates bile production, which helps with your liver’s detox process. One of the easiest ways to incorporate dandelion is with Dandelion Teabags. A digestive bitter tincture can be used to boost enzymes to help break down food for better nutrient absorption.

Take Nightly Showers

The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology recommends showering at night to remove pollen accumulated in your hair during the day. This reduces the pollen exposure in your bedroom and keeps it off your pillow where you would breathe it as you sleep.

Use A Saline Rinse

If you deal with allergic rhinitis, you may find great relief with a daily saline rinse. Not only will it clear your nasal passages, but it will also reduce inflammation. Salt helps to thin mucus in the nasal cavity and can lower histamine.

Local Honey

Many tout the benefits of consuming local raw honey. It is recommended from the concept of immunotherapy, where a small amount of an irritant – local pollen – is introduced to the body. This allows your immune system to see it in small portions and build tolerance. You can use small amounts in your dandelion tea.

You may have a history of seasonal allergies, but there are steps you can take to provide relief to your liver and immune system. That reduces your symptoms and makes life much more comfortable. Reducing your exposure to chemicals and toxins is key to pursuing wellness.

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