7 Tips For Increasing Your Energy Naturally

7 Tips For Increasing Your Energy Naturally

Many new clients come to me saying “I am tired of feeling so tired all the time.” They may have tried different approaches but the benefit, if any, was temporary. Have you experienced this? Your body is a fascinating, complex organism. It needs support in many different ways. Here are 7 tips for increasing your energy naturally.

You have heard me promote some of these before because they are vital – meaning, important for your life. Choose one, or several, to begin supporting your body.

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Be The Voice For Your Thyroid

Be The Voice For Your Thyroid

I see an increasing number of people with symptoms that they think are just part of getting old. But those nagging symptoms may be their body’s cry for support, no matter what their age.

When I was in school for integrative nutrition, I began to realize my body was sending me signals. I was cold no matter what the season, my hair was thinning as were the outer third of my eyebrows. And then there was the brain fog, low blood pressure, stubborn weight gain, dry skin, and history of PMS.

Do I Have A Thyroid Problem?

One area that is often overlooked is the small butterfly-shaped thyroid in your throat. This little gland is your body’s regulator. When it isn’t working well, many functions in your body can seem sluggish.

I suspected my thyroid and took the normal approach – making an appointment to see my doctor for lab work and physical. With those completed, my doctor’s conclusion was “you’re fine.” But I walked out of the office reviewing my symptoms, which had not been acknowledged and thinking there’s more to learn.

You see, the only thyroid-focused marker that had been run was Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. TSH is not actually a thyroid hormone but is released by the pituitary to signal the thyroid to release T4. It is not a reliable measure of thyroid hormone in your body.

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Working Against Your Thyroid

Is A Daily Habit Working Against Your Thyroid?

We all brush our teeth, but how selective are you about the toothpaste you use? Oral hygiene is important, but did you know that there can be ingredients in toothpaste that can harm your health? Contrary to popular belief, fluoride is not as good for you as you thought. Today we want to talk about – is a daily habit working against your thyroid?

What Is Fluoride?

Think back to high school chemistry. Fluorine is a halide on the periodic table, and fluoride is the negative ion of fluorine. Fluoride is actually a toxic byproduct of the aluminum and fertilizer industries. Studies indicate that fluoride is a neurotoxin that decreases the IQ of children. Not only that, but 50% of what you ingest accumulates in your body.

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Bile Is As Important As Probiotics

Did You Know Bile Is As Important As Probiotics?

When digestion works, we tend to go through life oblivious to what’s happening in our bodies. And when it doesn’t work, we look for relief. In this case, I’m pretty sure you don’t think much about bile, yet bile is as important as probiotics. 

Bile has many important roles in our bodies. It emulsifies and digests fat, breaking it down into small particles that can be absorbed by the small intestines. It also helps escort toxins and excess hormones from the body and protects the health of the digestive system. Read more

Metabolism is the chemical reactions in the body that turn food into fuel. If your metabolism is sluggish, your thyroid needs support.

Your Thyroid Needs Support

How is your metabolism? Metabolism is what we call the chemical reactions in the body that turn food into fuel. Our bodies need this to do everything from moving to thinking. If your metabolism is sluggish, your thyroid needs support.

Your thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland that wraps around your windpipe in your throat. The hormones it produces affect all aspects of your metabolism. Read more

Many women and men don't realize that what we put on our skin is absorbed. Yes, it's more than just skin deep!

It’s More Than Just Skin Deep!

I’m sure that you’ve heard that your skin is your body’s largest organ. What many women and men don’t realize is that what we put on our skin is absorbed. Yes, it’s more than just skin deep!

Why is this important? Because of the ingredients that may be hiding in your personal hygiene and makeup products. There are many that are troublesome to your body. Read more

Is Your Thyroid Needing Help?

Dis-ease begins in the gut – and in the adrenal/thyroid axis. I often talk with clients who feel in a funk. Their energy is waning. They feel cold. Their hair is thinning and skin is dry. Stubborn weight creeping on and brain fog further dampens life.

Low thyroid drags cellular metabolism down and affects every cell in your body. It’s like trying to run a high-end car on low-octane gas. Frustrating! Read more