5 Tips For Simplifying Your Eating Habits

5 Tips For Simplifying Your Eating Habits

Have you noticed that new diets and eating plans are introduced regularly, touting results that we all are seeking? Each new fad presents itself as “the one” yet what really works is a sustainable change to eating foods that fuel our bodies with needed nutrients. It’s actually far simpler than we are making it. Here are 5 Tips For Simplifying Your Eating Habits.

Eat More Raw, Whole Foods

Eating food in its most natural state is a great way to cut some time and stress from your mealtimes. For example, grab a boiled egg on your way out the door instead of breakfast at the coffee shop. Add some fresh veggies as a side at lunch instead of packing chips. Toss everything in a bowl to create a big salad for dinner instead of a complicated recipe or take-out.

Look for Simple Ingredients

There’s a reason the Whole30 meal plan gained so much popularity. It’s because it opened our eyes to how many chemicals, additives, and fillers we eat each day. Those are not building blocks for our bodies. Put an emphasis on reading labels and choosing foods that only include ingredients you know (and can pronounce). This is a simple way to make better choices at the grocery store.

Figure Out Your Staples

Everyone has staple foods and favorite meals. Plan for some of those meals you love and then plug in healthy options in the rotation. While you may think of staples as items that are stored long-term, there may be perishable foods that you like to keep on hand. These can be purchased in small amounts around the perimeter of the store to include as snacks, side dishes, or other meals that we plan each week.

Reevaluate Your Supplements

You may have a protein shake every day, without fail. But does it really meet your needs? It may have become a habit. Check the label – that protein powder likely has many ingredients that can be good, but equally as many that aren’t so great. Read the label, check in with your habits and decide what works best for your body and life.

Declare An End to the Day

I’m actually not referring to bedtime, but thinking of choosing a time each day to stop eating so your body can digest what you’ve eaten before heading to bed. A friend of mine used to say “after 8 it’s too late” to remind himself to stop eating. You will sleep better when your body isn’t focused on digesting and be less likely to gain weight. Acid reflux flare-ups are also unlikely when there is no food in your stomach at bedtime.

I have found that these habits begin to come naturally with practice. Doesn’t everything? It may take a few more minutes to prep raw food or check labels while shopping, but you’ll benefit your body by simplifying as much as possible.

Have you fallen into the habit of relying on prepared foods from the freezer or grocery shelves? Not surprising. If you aren’t sure how to begin to prepare meals from raw, whole foods, I invite you to join me for the Spring 5-Day Simple Detox. I provide all the information about the program here. There is cooking involved. That’s normal with a whole food approach. I break it down for you and you can easily cook once and eat several meals from your efforts. Simple.

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