Choose To Reduce Your Toxin Exposure

Choose To Reduce Your Toxin Exposure

When you hear the term “toxin” what do you picture in your head? It would be easier for us if all toxins were labeled with the skull and crossbones symbol, but that’s not the case.

Sadly, we all encounter toxins every day. Pursuing wellness means that you must choose to reduce your toxin exposure.

The unfortunate truth is that our world today is not set up for optimal health. There are many who are fighting for policy change, but it’s a challenge thanks to the incentives that flood our political system.

Toxins Are Hiding Everywhere

Everywhere you turn, it feels like there is something stacked against you. There are …

  • Heavy metals, micro-plastics, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, and more are in our drinking water.
  • Pollutants from cars and other industrial machinery, VOCs from paint, furniture, and cleaning supplies, plus mold and more in our air.
  • EMFs from our cell towers and phones, headphones, and routers all around us.
  • Phthalates, parabens, PFAS, triclosan, and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our personal care and cleaning products. And BPA in our home and kitchen products.
  • Formaldehyde, benzenes, synthetic fragrances and dyes, flame retardants, and more in our clothing, furniture, and carpeting.
  • There are herbicides and pesticides in most food products we eat.
  • And the list goes on – unfortunately.

What can you do? I know it can feel quite defeating and stressful to read through this list. I provided the list to make you aware of how pervasive chemicals and toxins are in the world. It wasn’t my intent to make you worry more about everything around you.

Worry can take you down a rabbit hole, and if it develops into fear, it actually hinders the function of your immune system. That’s definitely not what I want for you.

Use this moment to pause and tune into your body and thought processes. Are you spiraling down or beginning to wallow in all the fearful thoughts about toxins?

Psychologists recognize the value of noticing worry and pausing to identify what aspects of the worrisome subject are in your control. Mentally separate the things about which you are worried into two categories – those which you can control, and those over which you have no control.

Would you agree that worrying about those areas over which you have no influence or control is futile? It’s only going to hurt you, with no benefit for your future.

So let’s step back and look at what you can control.

Address The Fundamentals

Filter Your Water – this would include both your sink and your shower. In my home, we started with filtered drinking water and then added shower filters to reduce the greater risk of absorbing chlorine in a hot shower.

Reverse osmosis is great for drinking water, and when a lower-price filter is needed you could consider the Clearly Filtered water pitcher.

Filter Your Air – here I recommend a HEPA filter because they remove at least 99.7% of particulate matter. Many of us move from place to place during the day but benefit from a HEPA filter in the bedroom where we spend several hours (I hope) sleeping.

Take A Break From WIFI – using a WIFI timer or unplugging your WIFI at night. I also recommend that you not sleep with your phone by your bed.

Switch Your Cleaning Products – cleaners that leave a pleasant smell in the air are usually doing so with chemical phthalates (think Gain detergent or air fresheners). Cleaners made with natural ingredients can be quite effective around the house without the harsh chemicals.

Buy Organic – produce and grains when you can or follow the Dirty Dozen list when your budget is limited. The Dirty Dozen list is published annually by the Environmental Working Group to show the 12 types of produce that retain the most pesticide when harvested.

Choosing organic reduces the toxic load in your food. I always recommend organic wheat or oats if you eat these, as these crops are sprayed with Round-Up to make harvesting easier. You don’t want that residue on your food!

Starting Point

There are, of course, more advanced steps you can take to reduce your toxic exposure, but this is a good starting point. Taking one step at a time will get you to a better place. Where will you begin?

Filtering your water is a good place to start. I have had clients who wanted to just buy bottled water, but there are often microplastics and chemicals from the bottles consumed in bottled water. Buying a filter and carrying your water supply in a glass or stainless steel bottle will save you not only dollars but also reduce toxins.

You Can Reduce Toxins In Your Life

If the list I provided above caused worry and you have read this far into the blog, I commend you. There are aspects of your environment for which you can significantly reduce your exposure.

Should you still be experiencing some worry, I will offer you some advice I got from Mel Robbins. When you notice the worrying thoughts, interrupt the spiral by saying out loud, “What if it all worked out?”

Many studies have demonstrated that most of the things we worry about never happen. You now know some basic steps you can take to reduce your toxins. Choose to reduce your toxin exposure by taking the first step.

Kelly Lutman Pursue Wellness

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