How to Boost Your Immune System Without A Vaccine

How to Boost Your Immune System Without A Vaccine

Let’s talk about how to boost your immune system without a vaccine and get you through the rough allergy and cold seasons.

Many of us look forward to the cooler temperatures and colors that appear in nature with fall’s arrival, but not so much the illness that often comes with the change in season. Have you struggled with allergies, asthma, sinus infections, a perpetual cold, or been laid low with the flu? That last one took me down for the first time last season and I don’t plan to let it sneak up on me again.

Boost Immune System Naturally

Nope. I’m not going for a flu shot. I don’t want to subject my body to the other ingredients in the vaccine. Instead, I’m planning to ensure that my immune system has all the support I can offer. Want to know how?

If we have talked very often, you know that supporting your body is not an occasional activity. We can’t expect our bodies to function properly when they aren’t fueled by real food. So plan your meals to include several servings of dark greens each day. These will provide Vitamins C and K.

And when your momma said to eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away, she wasn’t just parroting an old wives’ tale. Studies have proven that it works! Boosting your immune system can be tasty!

Immune Boosting Supplements

Some key supplements that I would recommend:
Cod Liver Oil – provides Vitamins A and D, plus Omega 3 to support cell function and immunity. And for those of you who are picturing the old movies with the kids grimacing as they are forced to take a spoonful … Carlson makes a lemon-flavored version that is quite tolerable.
Vitamin D3 – at least 2000 IU daily
Zinc Citrate or Piccolinate – 20mg daily

Boosting your immune system is extra important when you are spending time with other people.  If you are exposed to someone who is sick, or you feel something coming on, have Astragalus on hand (available in capsules) and take 3 grams stretched out through the day, such as 1 gram morning, midday and before bed. Lysine can also support your immune system in fighting viruses, which gives it an advantage over antibiotics, which are not effective against them and can further hinder your immune system by disrupting the microbiome in your gut.

Boosting with Foods

While adding these can support your immune system, avoiding some types of foods can also be helpful. Sugar has been clinically proven to depress the immune system by reducing white blood cells’ ability to engulf bacteria. If early signs of illness point to development of mucus – a stuffy nose or congestion – I recommend avoiding dairy, as milk-based foods promote the formation of mucus.

These means of supporting your body in its efforts to fight off invading bacteria and viruses need to be a part of prioritizing a healing environment. Consume plenty of clean water, Give yourself extra time to sleep – the importance of sleep can’t be overemphasized. Breathe deeply, exercise gently, and support your body with positive thoughts of healing and recovery. These are all great ways to boost your immune system heightened and supported.

Rather than driving yourself hard and waiting to react when your body struggles to stand against the invaders we encounter on a daily basis, you can take a proactive position and support your body for strength and stamina. If this hasn’t been your experience in recent years, we can talk about your challenges and how you can turn things around. Your body can bounce back with your help!

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