Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Are you in full spring-cleaning mode, yet?  Tidying up your home and cleaning its surfaces can breathe such a breath of fresh air into your life.  Provided your cleaning products are not adding more toxins in the process. I’d like you to try some eco-friendly cleaning products to shine up your home.

The majority of the household cleaners we see in the store and advertised in media contain chemicals that can make it hard for us to breathe, cause our eyes to water, or even lead to health concerns we certainly want to bypass.  These damaging chemicals are found in everything from your fabric softener that gets clothes feeling snuggly to your soap-scum remover, and everything in between.

Strong Smelling Cleaning Products

The smell-good factor is what causes a lot of the problem.  Chemical cleaner manufacturers want us to feel like our homes are fresh like lemons, but they’re loaded with chemical agents we release into our homes with every spray.  Go look at your cleaning products and read the ingredients. Do you see DEA or TEA?  These ingredients, among many others, are actually carcinogenic and should be avoided.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products To Look For

If you must buy cleaners, first take a look at the label. If it says “danger,” “caution,” or “warning” on it, it’s best to keep looking. Choosing non-toxic cleaners is always best for your home and your health.

When choosing a cleaner at the store, go for plant-based formulations over petroleum-based. Don’t fall for terms like “natural” or “eco-friendly” though. Keep reading the packaging to be sure those claims are legitimate. You’ve heard me say about food that the front label is marketing and you need to read the ingredients for a more clear picture. This applies to cleaners too.  Products that are “solvent-free,” “no phosphates,” or “no petroleum-based ingredients” are a much safer and greener choice.

You Can Clean Even Better with Eco-Friendly

Escape the harsh smells and warnings to ventilate the room!  You can simplify cleaning by making your own chemical-free cleaners that are eco-friendly and safe to use with ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen right now. You just need to put the mixtures in BPA-free containers, and you’re all set.

Baking soda, lemons, and vinegar are some of the common cleaners you can use in your home for a glistening, grease-free clean without causing damage to your health or the environment.  Here are a few to try….

East All-Purpose Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Mix one part white vinegar with one part water and a lemon rind. Shake it all together in a spray bottle (preferably a glass one) and allow this mixture to infuse together for a week before using. This one is great for getting stubborn stains off surfaces.

Kitchen Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Take grease out of your way by mixing 4 tablespoons of baking soda with a quart of warm water.  This mixture makes it easy to clean your refrigerator and takes all smells away.

Eco-Friendly Super Scrub

Stubborn rust stains can be removed by simply cutting a lemon in half and dipping it into borax powder. Use the lemon to scrub, dipping it into the borax as needed. This is great for all surfaces except granite and marble.

By using safe cleaners in your home, you will save quite a bit of your grocery budget and have a fresher spring-cleaned home you’ll genuinely enjoy without any dangerous toxins lingering behind!

Doesn’t This Sound Great!?

Do you reach for the cleaning supplies from the cleaning aisle? Have you ever thought about trying a variety of eco-friendly cleaning products? Leave a comment and let me know what’s in your house.

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