Many are frustrated by weight gain during the holidays. Before you start another diet, there are some important tips I'd like to share.

Before You Start That Diet ….

It’s the beginning of a new year. Across the US, there are many who are frustrated by the bigger number on their bathroom scale and are choosing the diet they will use this time around. Would this be you, too? Before you start that diet, there are some important tips I’d like to share.

Losing weight is more than eating less and exercising more. When the body can’t eliminate toxins, it stashes them in adipose tissue – fat cells. Weight loss releases not only fat, but toxins too. That’s often why you feel sluggish when dieting.

Before you start that diet, it is important to ensure that your body can clear the toxins that are released. You don’t want to retoxify your body.

So here are my tips ….

Drink a lot of water. The real stuff. Water thins the fluids in your body and helps carry the toxins out. You can add lemon or lime to it, but you need to drink at least half your body weight in water every day.

Eliminate daily. Yeah, I’m talking poop. Solid elimination is another essential means for eliminating toxins. If you are constipated, your body will reabsorb the toxins. Not good. Magnesium Citrate taken before bedtime will help with elimination.

Ensure good bile flow. Not so easy to track, but if you have had your gallbladder removed, you need to support better flow to remove fat-soluble toxins. You can boost bile flow by taking bile acid salts with meals that include meat or significant levels of fat (as in with a Keto diet).

Get good sleep. It really is important. During sleep, cerebrospinal fluid clears metabolic waste from the brain. Of course, that’s not all that the body does while you sleep, but this is a key part for clearing toxins.

Take binders to escort released toxins. These can be natural, such as a significant increase in vegetable consumption, or by supplement taken an hour before food in the morning and evening. Supplement options include chlorella tablets, activated charcoal, or modified citrus pectin.

Avoid adding more toxins. Eat 100% organic fruit and vegetables to ensure that you aren’t adding more toxins from pesticides. With less toxins coming in, your body can focus on clearing toxins that have been held.

Why is this important?

Take these steps to ensure that your body is able to clear toxins that are released during weight loss. You will increase the your benefits.

And if you are open to considering an alternate approach to whatever diet plan you have found, I invite you to read my book, From Diet to Edit: Discover Freedom in a New Approach to Food. In it, I present 12 ways to edit your approach to eating in order to bring you closer to better digestion, more energy and the wellness you seek.

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