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10 Areas To Optimize Your Healthy Life

What does a healthy life mean to you? For most people, “healthy” means not having nagging symptoms and having energy for life’s activities. There is a lot going on in our bodies that is not on our radar, yet we can influence its function positively with our choices. Yes, your choices make a huge difference! […]

Do You Struggle With Holiday Blues?

The Christmas season presents a wide array of stimulation for our senses. The music, images in commercials, colorful decorations, and the food … oh, the food. For many, these holiday hallmarks evoke joy in the season, but some struggle with holiday blues. Surprisingly, a survey by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) shows that […]

Bloating – A Call For Action

Are you one of the 20-30% of our population dealing with gas and bloating on a regular basis? It is an uncomfortable signal that your body – specifically your digestive tract – needs your help. Though it may seem to be your norm, bloating is a call for action on your body’s behalf. Many experience […]

Good For Them And For You!

What is your focus in these last few days before Thanksgiving? Have you set the menu for the meal and prepared your grocery list? Are your thoughts dominated by arrangements you need to make for guests, or perhaps the calorie overload that comes with the traditional feast? Or perhaps you are one who thinks of […]

Add Some Fun To Your Fall

There are a variety of vitamins that have been identified as necessary for your body to function well. No doubt, you have heard of Vitamins A, C, D, E, and the many types of B vitamins. There are some that have not been recognized by science, yet they play an important part in our overall […]