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Electrolytes: A Key Factor in Hydration

I have written often about the importance of hydration. Drinking actual water without additives is vital for supplying your body with what plays an essential part in its function. Electrolytes play a key role in effective hydration. They are especially important in the summer when temperatures rise. Not only are we more likely to sweat, […]

Adopt Active Hobbies For Fitness

Keeping ourselves moving goes way beyond routine gym sessions or obsessing over the number of daily steps you take. It’s about discovering the sheer joy that movement can bring to our lives. Active hobbies provide a beautiful mix of pleasure and physical benefits. They turn what might often feel like a chore into something we […]

Choose To Reduce Your Toxin Exposure

When you hear the term “toxin” what do you picture in your head? It would be easier for us if all toxins were labeled with the skull and crossbones symbol, but that’s not the case. Sadly, we all encounter toxins every day. Pursuing wellness means that you must choose to reduce your toxin exposure. The […]

Protect Yourself When Taking Antibiotics

We have a bit of a love/hate relationship with bacteria. Many of us have grown up hearing adults warn us about germs – or bacteria. What we, and likely they, didn’t realize is that not all bacteria is bad for us. In fact, there is a bustling community of bacteria, yeast, and viruses in our […]

The Benefit Of Challenge

We have a normal human tendency to avoid challenge. Challenge is hard. Yet, the human body is designed to continuously adapt to and thrive in a largely unpredictable environment. The desire to hang out in our comfort zone can actually work against us. Welcome to the powerful concept of hormesis. Hormesis is the phenomenon whereby […]

Got Belly Fat?

We like having curves, but not that kind. Frustrating as it is, belly fat doesn’t indicate a need for a diet. It is actually an indication of a deeper imbalance related to hormones. If you’ve got belly fat, your body is calling for help. It is not unusual for belly fat to appear in women […]

10 Areas To Optimize Your Healthy Life

What does a healthy life mean to you? For most people, “healthy” means not having nagging symptoms and having energy for life’s activities. There is a lot going on in our bodies that is not on our radar, yet we can influence its function positively with our choices. Yes, your choices make a huge difference! […]