Know somone who has diabetes? Are they effectively supporting their body to reduce the damage, or just going along for the ride?

Know Someone Who Has Diabetes?

These days we all know someone who has diabetes, if you don’t have that diagnosis yourself. The question is – are you effectively supporting your body to reduce the damage caused by high blood sugar, or going along for the ride wherever it takes you?

A study done at Massachusetts General Hospital evaluated data on diabetes care from 2005 to 2016. They found that one in four adults with type 2 diabetes had not actually received a diagnosis, and nearly one in three was not receiving appropriate care.

Sadly, researchers found that despite advances in diabetes medication and a movement to develop innovative care delivery models, diabetes care targets had not improved in the U.S. since 2005.

Why Has Diabetes Care Stalled?

Because medical practice focuses on the wrong things.

You see, diabetes is a completely preventable (and often reversible) disease that is driven primarily by diet, lifestyle and behavior.

I talk to many who claim that genes are the reason, because they can name numerous family members who also have diabetes. What they don’t realize is that genetic predisposition isn’t “activated” without environmental factors. Those factors are primarily poor diet, physical inactivity, and lack of sleep.

We know exactly how to prevent diabetes. Would it surprise you to hear that we know how to reverse it in all but the most serious cases?

The problem is that these vital interventions are not the focus in conventional medicine.

Where Does Conventional Medicine Focus?

Instead, patients are prescribed drugs without any education or support for the areas that will make the biggest difference. If you know someone who has diabetes, ask whether they were taught about changing their diet, behavior and lifestyle?

I’m pretty sure they weren’t. And even if presented with these changes, they may decide it isn’t for them.

For those who aren’t willing to make these changes, medication can be prescribed, starting with one drug and adding more as the years pass. These meds will keep them going, but will not be able to stop the development of cardiovascular or kidney damage in the long run. What starts as diabetes often becomes a list of diagnoses, adding numerous challenges to their lives.

Just in case you have yet to hear this good news, I’m here to say you can be free from the challenges of diabetes. Really!

It will require change. After all, you can’t get a different outcome without changing the input.

This is good news if someone you know has diabetes. They can reverse their condition.

Want more good news? They don’t have to do it on their own. After all, having education and support from a coach makes the journey easier. And that journey can begin with a phone call.

Kelly Lutman Pursue Wellness

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