Diet Working, or Not?

EvaluationI think you would agree that if you were to discover that a product you were using was not working as expected, you would consider alternatives. How do you determine whether your food is working for you or not? Your body is probably giving you the clues, if you know how to read them.

The true indicator of your diet’s success is how you feel physically, from head to toe, since the purpose of food is to fuel your body. Here are some clues that would demonstrate your diet working effectively:

You are energized – if you’re eating right for your body, you’ll have boundless energy. This means getting through the day without needing coffee or a sugary snack. And you won’t feel wiped out after a workout.

Your digestion is efficient – a healthy body processes food without burps, gas and bloating, and with regular elimination.

You rarely experience reactions from food – rather than pondering undesired food symptoms, you know what foods cause your body to freak out and you effectively navigate the choices in ingredients.

You are at peace with your body – rather than always pressing for a different image, you have found a place of balance and happiness. If your body if nourished, you will feel better about yourself, both mentally and physically.

And the signs that your diet is not serving you well …

You are tired all the time – if you struggle to wake up and drag through the day, it’s time to review your diet and life habits. Are you sleeping enough? Is your body getting the fuel it needs? Fatigue is a sign that you aren’t.

You have trouble pooping – yea, potty humor can be funny, unless you are the one suffering from constipation or the opposite issue. Daily and solid is the sign that things are working well inside. If this isn’t the case, it’s likely that you don’t have enough fat or fiber in your meals.

You get sick … a lot – while it’s fine to feel run down once or twice a year, particularly in colder months, you should not be fighting symptoms on a consistent basis. Reach for water more often and cut out processed foods, sugar, and alcohol, the common culprits that compromise the immune system.

You experience intense cravings – which are the body’s cries for missing nutrients. These can include mineral or protein deficiencies, or inner needs such as movement, love or connection.

Your body doesn’t lie. You would do well to pay attention, notice when things aren’t working, and make adjustments to put your body at ease. If you aren’t sure where to start, give me a call and we can talk.

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