Is Heartburn Caused by Lack of Acid?

Is Heartburn Caused by Lack of Acid?

Do you joke about heartburn? Perhaps it started off as an occasional, nagging burning in your chest and you blamed Grandma’s cooking. Is it still occasional, or has it crept into regular discomfort? Are you wondering if heartburn is caused by lack of acid instead of too much?

Heartburn Is Serious

I have worked with many clients, most of whom have not come to me with heartburn, or acid reflux, as their primary concern. But I know how serious it can be.

Contrary to common assumptions by the medical community, numerous scientific studies have clearly shown that the root cause of acid reflux is a lower esophageal sphincter that is not working correctly and low stomach acid. Yes, I said LOW stomach acid.

Acid and Digestion

Stomach acid serves a double purpose – to aid in the digestion of the food you eat and to kill bacteria that comes in with your food. Our levels of stomach acid wane with age (one cause) and the resulting poorly digested carbohydrates feed the bacteria (which isn’t controlled effectively) in your stomach. That bacteria produces gas which blows open the sphincter allowing stomach acid into the esophagus where there is no protection from the acid … and it hurts!

Over-the-Counter Medications

Have you been taking medication for relief? Both prescription and over-the-counter meds can provide relief, but they make things worse over the longterm. What happens when you don’t take them? I’ll bet the pain returns. The meds aren’t fixing the root problem.

The Root Problem

Wouldn’t it be better to find the root cause and resolve it so that you no longer have the discomfort AND your digestion works well? Some people say “you are what you eat.” But actually, you are what you eat and absorb, which requires good digestion.

It may not be a quick fix to resolve your acid reflux. If you have been on medication for a long time, the mucus layer in your stomach has likely thinned and would need to be built up. It’s important not to restore stomach acid until the tissue is ready. There are many possible root causes that need to be explored.

The Acid Relief Program

Would you like help in this process? I’m offering a group program to educate and guide through the process of exploration so that you find not only relief but restored digestion and wellness. We will have four weekly online meetings starting next week, support on a private Facebook group, a private consultation with me and more. This group is filled. If you what to find out when it will reopen, please contact me!

How would it feel to be free from the pain of acid reflux? Let’s help you feel better and pursue wellness!

Kelly Lutman Pursue Wellness

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