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Your Body Is Talking!

Are You Receiving the Message? We readily recognize many types of communication. There are spoken words, non-verbal sounds, song lyrics and many others. With practice, we recognize and comprehend many of these; yet there are other messages that you many not be comprehending. The proliferation of processed foods in today’s diet causes vitamin deficiency, whether […]

Your Health

Key Factors I Want You to Know Though we have thrown tons of money at the problem in recent decades, Americans are sicker than ever. Each of us knows someone who has a chronic health condition – such as obesity, diabetes, asthma, or depression – which are wreaking havoc on their mind, body, and wallet. […]

Curb Your Fat Storage

One Bite at a Time When you are enjoying a nice meal in local restaurant, what portion of the meal is served first? It is often bread or soup or salad, unless you prefer to eat at Mexican restaurants, in which case chips and salsa are offered first. If I asked you what happens to […]

Edit Versus Diet

Scramble the Letters for Success I’m not sure there is an adult in America who hasn’t dieted at least once in their life, and the majority may have trouble counting the number of times on their fingers. Think back to the last one or two times. If you did lose weight, did it stay off […]

Let’s Brush Up to Detox

What methods are you incorporating as you pursue wellness? I would assume that you have changed your eating habits, increased your movement and exercise, and perhaps changed toiletries and household cleaning products in order to reduce chemical exposure. How ’bout brushing? Not just your hair and your teeth, but also your body.

Spring Clean(s)ing Myths

When you hear the word “Spring” what comes to mind? Sunshine, flowers, and cleaning, perhaps? But when you think of a detox or cleanse, you may think of liquid diets, expensive supplements and deprivation. The truth is, a cleanse doesn’t have to involve any of these – and if you cleanse in a healthy, supportive […]

Diet Working, or Not?

I think you would agree that if you were to discover that a product you were using was not working as expected, you would consider alternatives. How do you determine whether your food is working for you or not? Your body is probably giving you the clues, if you know how to read them. The […]

Healthy on a Shoestring

There is a common, though unfortunate, belief that health eating costs too much money. I’m here to tell you that eating healthy meals is entirely within your reach. Here are some tips to keep your grocery bill low. Shop locally Explore your local farmer’s market. Organic foods tend to be less expensive when bought locally. […]

Age Prevention 101

Men and women have searched for the secrets for delaying the aging process for centuries. Have you joined the hunt? How many products have you purchased to reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone, increase energy? You know the drill. I’ve been there and I recently cleaned out several jars and bottles from the bathroom cabinet that […]

Keep Swapping!

Which of the food swaps that I recommended in the last newsletter have you put into practice? Just one would be a good start. I’d like to hear how it is going for you. Swapping to gluten-free foods, stepping away from dairy, and trading your salt shaker contents will reduce your levels of inflammation, remove […]