How to Stay Healthy While You're Traveling

How to Stay Healthy While You’re Traveling

Traveling is once again becoming a part of life, whether traveling for work or visiting family, or traveling for pleasure to explore new places. Traveling can take a toll on our bodies when eating out more often, sleeping in a different location, and being off our schedule. With some strategy, it’s easier than you think to take care of your physical and mental health while traveling. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy while you’re traveling. 

Walk Around 

The best way to explore a new place is to walk around. The next time you’re on a trip, ditch the public transportation and taxis and get your steps in instead. Walking is an excellent form of exercise, which helps keep your heart healthy and your joints moving comfortably. You’ll be surprised how many amazing sights, delicious restaurants, and fun spots you’ll discover that you would have never found otherwise.

Don’t Forget About Fruits and Vegetables

Traveling is a time to enjoy yourself and eat all the delicious foods that the area you’re visiting has to offer. However, try to incorporate fresh product into all your meals. Order a salad as a side dish and choose some fresh fruit for dessert. If your accommodation has a fridge, go to the local grocery store and buy some fresh produce to have at home. Pro tip – when going to an event where you don’t expect to serve healthier options eat a small salad in your room ahead of time. This will provide a layer of fiber to dampen the glycemic load of the foods you will eat. 

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation can weaken your immune system and harm your mood. Nobody wants to be cranky or sick on vacation. If you are traveling far enough to experience jetlag, plan a nap during the day after you arrive. Be realistic with your schedule and prioritize time to sleep. Don’t try to see or do everything at your body’s expense— if you feel tired, rest.  

Carry a Water Bottle with You

We sometimes forget to stay hydrated with all the exciting adventures and jam-packed schedules travel can bring. Drinking water may not be readily available everywhere you go, especially if you are out on hikes or exploring nature. Make sure you bring a big water bottle with you wherever you go and fill it up any chance you get. Hydration is critical for overall health, and it will prevent you from feeling faint or dizzy if you’re exercising or walking a lot on your trip. 

Keep Healthy Snacks in Your Bag

Finding healthy snacks can sometimes be a challenge if you’re on the road or outside all day. There are so many choices available – most of them devoid of nutrients for your body. Instead of grabbing whatever you find at a convenience store, choose snacks that are more focused on protein and fiber. These could include packets of nuts, baby carrots or an apple, or a carefully selected protein bar. These are notorious for having lots of sugar so look for one with less than 4g of sugar and at least 4g of fiber. Pack snacks that don’t need refrigeration and can easily be thrown into your bag. If you know you won’t be able to stop for lunch during the day, include a variety of protein, fat, and produce to keep you fueled.

What Are Your Travel Plans?

What travel plans do you have coming up? It’s fun to explore new places or return to familiar territory away from home.

What have you learned about how to stay healthy while you are traveling? I would love for you to share with us.

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