How To Get Back On Track

How To Get Back On Track

Nothing feels better than knowing that you’re progressing in your wellness journey. Yet the holidays can throw a wrench into your progress with delicious baked goods and traditional meals. There really is nothing wrong with those in moderation, but sometimes a few too many treats can cause you to stray from your path.

Just in case you feel you may have strayed and are having trouble finding your way back, here are five tips that can help you get back on track to continue your wellness journey.

Don’t Let One Cheat Meal – Or Day – Set A New Path

Often, when we slip up and have a cheat meal or even a full day of unhealthy eating, we write off our hard work as “undone” and give up. We all indulge sometimes— don’t let one unhealthy meal lead you to believe that you’ve undone all your progress. Simply stop, take a deep breath, and remind yourself how you felt as you progressed on your wellness journey. Then ….

Choose Whole, Unprocessed Foods

Release the notion of complicating life with “healthy eating rules” and measuring, calculating, and recording everything you eat. Just remember to eat real, unprocessed, whole foods and keep things simple. This means eating lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and proteins. Stay away from the pre-packaged meals and foods with ingredients that you can’t pronounce. This is the healthiest way to fuel your body and will often save you money.

Plan And Prepare Your Meals

The key to maintaining your healthy eating is always to be prepared. Don’t let a busy week leave you with no other option than to order takeaway. You probably always hear the advice to meal-prep, but it really is one of the best ways to keep on track. Dedicate one day in the week towards washing and cutting your veggies, and also precooking some staples such as brown rice or chicken breast. These can be stored in the fridge, to give you healthy options for the entire week.

Keep Some Emergency Foods With You

Again, planning and preparing your meals is the most valuable thing you can do. If you’re hungry at the mall or your friend has no healthy snacks at her house, be prepared! Keep an emergency food kit with you. Pack a bag of nuts and seeds, hummus and carrots, an apple, or even some dark chocolate for dessert. Pack whatever healthy snacks YOU enjoy, so that you will actually eat them, and always carry a bottle of water with you.

Stop Restricting Yourself And Enjoy Life!

A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Don’t be so restrictive with your diet, or you will end up hating it, and you won’t enjoy the foods you eat. That’s no way to live life! Eat healthy, whole foods, and if you want a treat once in a while, have it. It’s better to enjoy that treat – and experience it mindfully – than to stress while eating it. A negative mindset surrounding food is much more destructive long term.

Life is full of ups and downs, ebbs and flows. It’s part of being human. Give yourself some grace if you have tripped up a bit this holiday season. Just as your GPS can bring you back on track when you take a wrong turn, I believe you can pick up and set a new course from where you are.

Sometimes you can lock your sights on the new goal and carry on. Sometimes you may need the support of others who are either on the same path or have been there and know the way. I am here to help. Say “yes” to yourself and reach out.

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