Causes of Hair Loss

Hormonal Hair Loss

Our hair is an integral part of our style, personality, and sense of attractiveness. It is one of the first things we notice about someone when they enter a room. But thinning hair, bald spots and hair loss can undermine our self-confidence and cause great frustration.

How many products have you used to remedy the situation? The root cause can be elusive. These can involve unique hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental factors. Hormones are generally a prime suspect, so let’s explore them.

Hormones and Hair Loss

Thyroid imbalance
This is the most common cause of hair loss, and one of the most under-diagnosed disorders because the lab ranges are too broad, causing doctors to overlook the possibility. Thyroid function can be too low (hypothyroid) or too high (hyperthyroid), with hypothyroid more prominent. When there is too little thyroid hormone, hair can be released.

High testosterone
This occurs in women when blood sugar levels stay high and insulin resistance develops. When binding globulin levels are suppressed due to poor liver function, testosterone levels build up and are often converted to DHT, a more potent form that is hard on hair follicles, especially in the crown and front areas.

Insulin resistance
Insulin resistance, with its related lower blood flow and oxygen levels, leads to shrinking hair follicles and balding. You may not be aware of insulin resistance lurking under the surface unless you check your recent blood test results and find your fasting blood glucose is above 90 and your HbA1C above 54.

Estrogen dominance
This hormonal hair loss trigger can be a factor for women or men as excess consumption of soy-based foods, chemical exposure, or poor detoxification becomes more common. The good news is this imbalance is relatively easy to reverse. Eat more cruciferous vegetables to support detoxification.

High cortisol 
Yes, stress plays a part in hair loss too! Even a relatively short, high-stress period in your life can accelerate hair loss. And we’ve talked in several other articles about the many other effects that stress can have on your body.

Get Support

What an intricate body we have! So many of its functions are completely taken for granted in the everyday flow of life. Yet, when we pause and take time to observe, explore, and make changes, our amazing bodies can bounce back. And while you are observing and experimenting for internal shifts and determining if you have hormonal hair loss, you can support your hair follicles from the outside by using anti-aging, botanical hair care that nourishes your follicles.

Let’s Chat

Don’t sit back and tolerate imbalances in your hormones. They aren’t a life sentence, but you won’t get a different result without making changes. I am here to help you pursue wellness! Reach out and we can chat!

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