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Clean MealIf you have been incorporating the edits that I have shared with you over the recent months, you are eating better and should be reaping the benefits. Are you satisfied where you are, or would you like more?

Let’s explore additional ways you can take the nutrition of your meals to the next level. Doing so will involve adjustments related to choosing, cooking and serving.

Feature Vegetables – okay, so this doesn’t sound like a new tip. Fair enough. You may have added vegetables to your meals, which is good for you. Now lets take it to the next level by focusing on vegetables in your meals. Make them – better yet, a variety of them – the majority of your meal with a protein source as a side dish.
Cut Your Carbs in Half – If one of your favorite meals involves rice or pasta, try adding vegetables in place of half of the carb source. Use half rice (brown, please) and half cauliflower rice, or a combination of whole-grain pasta and zucchini noodles. These combinations will be easier for you to digest and reduce the blood spike that is so common following a high-carb meal.

Scrub Your Vegetables – rather than peeling them. Scrubbing removes loose dirt while retaining nutrients found in and close to the skin of the vegetable. Leaving the peel intact also provides added fiber to fill you up.
Cook with Heat Stable Oils – I hope you have abandoned vegetable oils altogether. Both they and extra virgin olive oil, lose their integrity when used at high heat. Once they are unstable, they produce volatile compounds that are dangerous to your health. Instead, choose temperature-stable oils such as avocado, macadamia, coconut and almond for cooking at high heat.
Make It with Broth – by using broth in place of oils. This is called a wet saute. Use twice as much broth as you would oil and enjoy nourishing benefits with lower calorie count. I’ve included a vegetarian broth recipe that provides an ideal combination of minerals for your body.
Make Your Own Salad Dressing – so that you know your dressing has no chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors or stabilizers. Here’s where you can use the extra virgin olive oil to great benefit. Adding a dressing made with oil to your salad or cooked vegetables has the added benefit of helping your body absorb more of the fat-soluble nutrients you are eating. It can be as simple as olive oil and a vinegar of your choice in a 3:1 ratio, plus some herbs for flavor.

Serve Lunch and Dinner at the Same Time – by packing extra portions to save as leftovers for the next meal before you sit down to eat. This protects you from the temptation to eat more than you should … and saves time preparing the next meal. It’s a win – win situation!

Have you already been using some of these tips? That’s great. If these tips are new to you, don’t bite off (pun intended!) too much at once, but choose one tip to incorporate in your meals this week. Then let me know what you chose and how it works for you.


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