Age Prevention 101

ChoicesMen and women have searched for the secrets for delaying the aging process for centuries. Have you joined the hunt?

How many products have you purchased to reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone, increase energy? You know the drill. I’ve been there and I recently cleaned out several jars and bottles from the bathroom cabinet that I realize aren’t going to be a magic fix.

What’s the best way to extend your longevity? I believe it is a process that involves working inside and out, and this influences my approach in my own life and as I work with clients.

A number of scientific studies published in the past 14 years have validated recommendations for preventing many of the diseases and conditions that are typically associated with aging. Among these studies are the noted Harvard Nurses Study, a 2006 analysis of the Health Professionals Study, a 2007 study in Sweden, a 2013 study in the Netherlands, are just a few of the studies that have pointed to consistent factors in prevention of heart attacks and many other diseases that some would say have become the modern-day plague.

Just what are those factors? Nothing too challenging, but so very vital.

Let’s start with what conditions present the greatest risks for heart attach – no matter what your age. Those would be smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, abdominal obesity (35″ for a woman and 40″ for a man), stress, low intake of fruits and vegetables, alcohol intake, and lack of physical exercise. Are you ticking things off the list? All of these risks can be eliminated by lifestyle changes. Not rocket science, just simple choices.

So what is the list of desirable choices?

  • diet consisting of 40% healthy plants, plus legumes, nuts, whole grains (not flours)
  • no smoking
  • 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise
  • modest alcohol intake
  • sleeping 7 or more hours a night

Sound familiar? It should. I’m not the only one who has been talking about these valuable lifestyle habits.

And now you know why!

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