5 Mindset Shifts That Help New Habits Stick

5 Mindset Shifts That Help New Habits Stick

Have you, like me, tried to make a habit change at some point in your life, only to find that it’s harder than it seems? Why is it so difficult to stick to intentions that will benefit us? I’ve discovered the answer has less to do with willpower and far more to do with mindset. In order to make lasting change, try these mindset shifts that help new habits stick by replacing old phrases with new ones.

1.  “I Have To”  becomes “I Get To”

When we view our habits as something we must do, it feels like a chore. This can lead to resentment and eventually cause us to give up altogether. However, when we see our habits as something we get to do, there’s a different energy involved. We’re much more likely to stick with it. After all, who doesn’t like getting things done?

2. “This Is Hard” becomes “This Is Worth It”

It’s easy to get discouraged when we’re trying something new and it’s not going as smoothly as we’d hoped. But if we can remind ourselves that the effort is worth the reward, we’ll be more likely to push through the tough times. Yes, making a habit change can be hard work. Whether it involves business, healthful habits, or building skills, it’s worth it in the end.

3.  “I’m Not Sure I Can Do This” becomes “I Know I Can Do This”

Self-doubt is a major obstacle on the road to success. If we don’t believe in ourselves, it won’t be easy to make any progress. On the other hand, if we approach our goals confidently, we’re much more likely to achieve them. Like the Little Engine That Could, instead of letting doubt creep in, tell yourself, “I know I can do this.”

4. “I’m Doing This For Myself” becomes “I’m Doing This For Others”

It’s important that we nurture our relationships with others, and one way of doing that is by ensuring we’re taking care of ourselves. We’re more likely to follow through when we focus on how our actions will benefit those around us—rather than just ourselves. For example, if you’re trying to eat healthier, think about how your body will feel better and you’ll have more energy for your loved ones. If you are prioritizing better sleep, focus on the many benefits it will give you as your body is restored.

5. “I’m Doing This Until…” becomes “I’m Doing This Forever”

When we see our habit changes as temporary measures, it’s easy to fall off the wagon when things get tough. But if we commit to making these changes permanent fixtures in our lives, we’re much more likely to stay the course. So shift from thinking of your new food choices as something you’re doing until you lose weight, to viewing them as a way of eating for better function for your future. The same goes for exercise, sleep habits, and any other area you want to improve.

Make New Habits Stick More Easily

Making lasting habit changes can be difficult, but it is possible. By shifting our mindset in the ways outlined above, we can set ourselves up for success. Some find it helpful to have a buddy in the process.

This could be someone who is working on similar new habits, or who will simply provide firm and loving accountability.

When you are trying to make a change in your life, work on incorporating these shifts in mindset and see how they help you achieve your goals. And if you know that you are more successful with someone coaching you along the way, schedule a discovery call with me to see how I can help.

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