Magnesium Is A Nutrient Powerhouse

Magnesium Is A Nutritional Powerhouse

Do you remember much of the periodic table of elements from Chemistry class? Though I never learned the elements in high school, I’m gaining more respect for them these days. Especially #12 – magnesium. Magnesium is a nutritional powerhouse.

If you’ve played on a sports team, I’m sure you’ve experienced the normal dynamics of a couple leading players and many supporting ones. Magnesium is a supporting player that many of us are lacking.

How might that be affecting you? If you are lacking the benefits of magnesium, you may experience acid reflux, high blood pressure, asthma, irregular heart beat, muscle aches, even depression or anxiety.

Magnesium Is A Powerhouse

Magnesium is foundational for your hormones to communicate in regulating important body systems. Lacking this critical mineral can throw your whole body out of whack. Do you take Vitamin D in supplement form? It’s one of those leading players that needs the support of magnesium for good absorption. I recommend you take 400mg of Magnesium Glycinate daily. But don’t just take pills to get your nutrients – there are foods that provide a boost of magnesium too.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, chocolate! Dark chocolate – organic dark chocolate, that is, which has 64mg per ounce of magnesium plus a slew of antioxidants. You will be taking this in small, one-ounce portions, so treat yourself to high-quality dark chocolate, like an organic 72% bar that you can break into sections. No gulping – savor it!


Avocados are one of the more nutritious foods you can eat. You get 15% of your recommended daily value of magnesium from these fruits, plus lots of potassium, vitamin K, and B vitamins. Did you need an excuse to eat more guacamole or have avocado toast for breakfast? You’re welcome.


Nuts pack a punch in magnesium and can be an easy snack time option during a busy day. Consider munching on pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, cashews and almonds for the most magnesium.


This plant group is packed with powerful nutrients that give you plenty of fiber and magnesium. Choose beans, chickpeas, peas or lentils. And if you’re vegetarian or looking to go meatless for even a meal or two, legumes will help you feel full.

Leafy Greens

Whether they are raw or cooked, fill your plate with more greens! Spinach, kale, turnip or collard greens are so full of magnesium that you will easily hit your health goals. A cup of cooked spinach gives you 39% of your recommended daily intake of magnesium.

By adding these foods to your meals you will provide magnesium – a nutritional powerhouse – that is so vital for your health. Check out this whole-food power bowl as an option.  With this valuable nutrient on board, your body will be more relaxed, your heart rate steadier, and your aches eased. Your body has carried you thus far, give it a boost and you will love the results!

After you have added some of these foods, I would love to hear what you notice about your body. What changes? What improves? Let me know so that I can celebrate with you.

Kelly Lutman Pursue Wellness

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