10 Tips To Polish Your Crown

10 Tips To Polish Your Crown

Do you wear a crown each day? Not even the royals wear their bejeweled crowns daily, yet many would say your hair is the crown you never take off. I would say that is true for women. When you look in the mirror, are you satisfied, or would you be interested in 10 tips to polish your crown?

#1 Avoid mechanical damage.

Mechanical damage is anything that physically roughs up or harms the hair shaft. This is the leading cause of hair damage and hair loss. Sources of mechanical damage could include poorly quality brushes, brushing hair when wet, and using hair ties with metal or sharp edges that can damage hair.

#2 Use a brush designed to be gentle.

Professionals love The Wet Brush. It’s safe to use even on wet hair though I would recommend a comb designed for wet hair. Split ends are caused when you use brushes that break the hair shaft.

#3 Take cooler showers.

A hot shower opens the hair shaft making it susceptible to more damage. Love your hot shower? You could do a cool water rinse at the end of your shower to help seal the cuticle.

#4 Use a microfiber towel and pat hair dry.

Many mistakenly rub the hair with a towel after washing. This will damage the hair and leads to frizz. Make sure to use a soft microfiber towel and pat hair dry. This has helped me so much!

#5 Air dry as often as possible.

This is crucial for healthy hair. On days when you plan to relax around the house, give your hair a break from the hot tools and let it air dry.

#6 Start combing in the lower third of your hair.

Combing from the scalp is more likely to cause tangles. Starting with the lower third of your hair and working up will minimize this.

#7 Try Rejuvabeads.

This award-winning product is the only one on the market clinically proven to seal split ends up for over 72 hours. Apply a small amount to the last inch of hair after towel drying. Watch the ends seal! You will have less frizz, a smoother look, and more shine. Use regularly to maintain your ends.

#8 Turn down the heat on hot tools.

Heat from dryers, flat irons, and curling irons can be extremely damaging to hair. Professionals suggest less than 350 degrees for all hot tools. And consider using a heat protectant without silicone.

#9 Use Rejuveniqe Oil.

This proprietary blend of 13 plant oils penetrates the hair shaft and smooths the cuticle to reduce tangles and frizz. It heals your hair from the inside out. This Oil will help with scalp conditions as well as nourish your scalp to help hair grow longer and stronger.

#10 Use a silk or satin pillowcase.

Believe it or not, we rotate our heads aggressively in our sleep! This can cause hair damage beyond that sometimes scary view when we look in the mirror first thing. A smooth and soft surface can reduce that friction and help you sleep cooler at night.

I hope you learned some new ways to support better hair growth and polish your crown. If you are curious about some of the products mentioned, please contact me. I would be happy to provide a personalized recommendation for the products that have made a significant difference for my hair.

Kelly Lutman Pursue Wellness

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