Have You Got A Gallbladder?

We are rarely aware of bile’s vital function in our bodies. It’s certainly not a sexy topic, or one that we often discuss with our doctor; yet it has a unique role in keeping balance in our digestive system. Have you got a gallbladder? Whether you do or not, knowing its purpose is more important than you may realize.

Production of bile is one of your liver’s many functions. Once produced, bile flows down into the bile duct system, where it can be released into the small intestine to aid in digestion. If you aren’t eating food at the time, bile is pumped into your gallbladder to be ready for it is needed.

Bile is vital for emulsifying fats that you eat. Most of your body’s systems are water-based (we are over 70% water), and you know that fat and water don’t play well. Bile helps to emulsify the important fat content of your food so that digestive enzymes can break it up for absorption in your body.

Many say “you are what you eat” but actually “you are what you eat, digest and absorb.” It’s the latter part that can present obstacles for health.

Bile Plays Several Protective Roles

One is as a vehicle for moving toxins that our liver collects into the digestive system for elimination from our bodies. Another is an anti-mocrobial agent that degrades lipopolysaccharides (LPS) in the gut. LPS is a fancy term for body parts from the normal bacteria in your gut. If there isn’t a good flow of bile, LPS levels can build up and set up a chronic autoimmune dynamic, such as psoriasis.

What Can Prevent Good Bile Flow?

The primary issues are having a sluggish liver, or not having a gallbladder from which a good dose of pile can be released to support digestion, toxin transport and its valuable anti-mocrobial action.

I have talked to many people of all ages who have had their gallbladders removed. Usually the procedure is in response to gallbladder attack arising after an extended period of sluggish liver function that leads to formation of gallstones. You can’t get that body part back, so how do you move forward?

Your doctor has probably not advised any change in your food choices, so let me offer some thoughts.

  • Avoid fried foods because of the strain that they put on your digestion.
  • Supplement a good dose of bile acid salts with your meals. This will reduce the strain on your liver and give your digestive system a boost.
  • Implement eating hygiene.

Choosing whole foods and supporting your digestive processes are foundational for health. If you don’t feel well after eating fried foods or have had mild gallbladder attacks, your body is waving a red flag. Let’s chat about how you can choose to pursue wellness.

Kelly Lutman Pursue Wellness

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