If you have read even the first page of my book,  From Diet to Edit: Discover Freedom in a New Approach to Food, you know that


I’ve tried numerous diets with varying degrees of success, and a lot of discomfort. And I’ve experienced the common ups and downs of weight gain and loss repeated over decades of my life.

How ’bout you?

Amidst all the holiday excitement – the decorations, the gifts, the social events, the family time, and the FOOD – do you find that you feel some skepticism or frustration because past experience has shown you weight gain and energy lag through the month of December?

When I began studying nutrition and training as a health coach, I learned steps that took me off the diet roller coaster and helped me maintain a balanced weight without feeling deprived or uncomfortable.


I wrote  From Diet to Edit  to share my theory that applying edits to your food choices and the way you eat is far more sustainable and effective in improving your digestion and nutritional supply. Many have read the book and reported that it helped them make changes that put them on a better path.

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As a certified executive chef, I’ve spent many hours around food. My focus is on nutrition and hydration. Kelly’s book is a delightful way to do a check up on your eating habits, not just the foods you eat, but also how and why you consume them.

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A shift of focus from “diet” to “edit” can finally make eating healthfully both simple and doable. Because here’s the truth: what you eat and how you eat are both making all the difference in whether you feel fantastic or whether you don’t.

I’m curious … what is your normal pattern after the holidays?

January is known for white sales and many who are embarking on yet another diet, complete with new gym memberships. Are you usually the shopper or the dieter?

Have you been riding the roller coaster?

Would you like to change your pattern and get off the roller coaster for good?

Will you show up for the New Year without the usual extra 10 pounds?

I would like to offer the opportunity to work through the edits presented in From Diet to Edit TOGETHER … as part of a community that is sharing the journey.

Learn the edits from weekday videos posted to your private Facebook community

“Together …

  • Enjoy your own copy of From Diet to Edit to reinforce what you learn
  • Explore how to put the edits into practice over the course of 6 weeks
  • Link arms with a Coach and a community of listening ears
  • Participate in regular video calls to further build community
  • Share your victories with a community of cheering supporters

Set a new path for 2018, and years to come!

Have you struggled with lasting success with your past diet efforts?

What most diet programs don’t tell you is that having a support team significantly increases success. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

We aren’t designed to be loners. When changes are pursued in the company of others on a similar journey, the community supports each other and lifts each member higher than he or she can go on their own.

Are you ready to to join a community on the same path as you?

Normally this 6-week program would be $147.

But through midnight on Monday, November 27th, you have a discounted opportunity …

Only $77

puts you on the path to success in the “From Diet To Edit” Together community!

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