Here in the New Orleans area, our holiday colors have morphed from red and green to purple, green and gold. when you weren’t busy talking business with co-workers or managing the family chaos, you may have been tailgating, partying or riding a float. Whatever your activity, you are likely feeling the effects of it on your body.

  • Are your clothes fitting tighter than they used to?
  • Do your mood swings keep the people around you guessing?
  • Do you struggle with mid-day energy lags?
  • Are you exhausted from trying to serve everyone else?

If you answered “YES” to any of these, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

But what’s a gal to do?

You’ve spent so many years pouring yourself out for others that you’re not sure how to shift your focus inward and care for yourself.


In this whole-life program, you will learn the small shifts needed to …

  • Support your body so that you aren’t trading years of your life for those indulgences
  • Fuel your body for better function
  • Reduce your stress
  • Improve your sleep
  • Find joy in movement
  • Bring your authentic self into communication
  • Be mindful about your finances

Stop going along with what’s convenient or what’s popular. Foods that are advertised prominently are not typically healthy. Learn what serves YOU best.

This isn’t about a DIET. There are three reasons diets usually don’t work long term:

  1. We think of them as having a beginning and end. After the “end” we return to the same habits that got us into trouble in the first place.
  2. Most diets are not designed to sustain you long term. They are created as a short-term fix.
  3. The mental game is not usually addressed. You are expected to just have will power and do it alone.

Let’s face it. You want to live-it, not die-it!

YOU have to live in your body.

Wouldn’t you rather do so with …

  • A refreshed body and a new outlook
  • Inner peace, reduced stress and better sleep
  • Increased energy and a better understanding of what your body really needs to function at an optimum level
  • Greater fulfillment in your career and relationships
  • An empowered life on your terms
  • Your path set with confidence

This is all within your reach as you Restore Your Health, Reset Your Life.

The standard American diet is focused on eating what appeals to taste or convenience. That puts us on a path of imbalance. Over time you will begin to experience symptoms – signals that something is not in balance and needs support. Are you already there?

Our normal response is to find a medication to make us feel better. That may work but does so by shutting down the symptom – not actually correcting the original imbalance. And medication can cause additional imbalances.

You need someone who will meet you where you are, listen to your concerns, understand your needs and guide you to the answers you seek. As you implement self-care and true nourishment, you will have more energy, lose stubborn pounds, and regain confidence in an atmosphere of support.

The Restore Your Health, Reset Your Life program starts February 26th and includes:

  • 6 weekly, in-person, group classes
  • Lunch to truly nourish you during the 1-hour classes
  • Handouts for each lesson for your reference
  • E-mail support for the duration of the program
  • Accountability and support from others on the same path

“Working with Kelly has taught me control and awareness. She educated me on easy ways to make healthier decisions, control my portions and balance my foods. I have seen great improvements in my digestion since working with Kelly and I feel so much better about myself.”

Seven professionals have teamed up to support you as you

  • Kelly Lutman
  • Dr. Kristen
  • Donna Bush
  • Annie Ryals
  • Emily Holland
  • Luis Socarras
  • Steve Kernahan

Along with the guidance of these professionals, we will harness the collective power of a group as it provides:

  • A support system to stand by you as you explore and implement new tactics. You don’t have to do it alone.
  • The wisdom and creativity of others who are walking the same path.
  • The empowerment of new perspectives that enable you to see a situation from multiple views.
  • The benefits of coaching with these professionals at a fraction of the cost of individual coaching.

Many studies have demonstrated that more is accomplished with the support of a group than when working alone.

Join our group to Restore Your Health and Reset Your Life.

Being coached by 7 professionals could cost you thousands of dollars, but you can benefit from their collective knowledge and guidance for only $260!

What is your health worth?

Act now and take advantage of early bird pricing …

You can Restore Your Health, Reset Your Life

for only $225 until February 12th!