Congratulations On Prioritizing Your Health!

The Practical Strategies to Boost Your Immune System & Protect Your Body From the Unknown program will take your health to the next level!

I will be sending you a link to our weekly webinars.

In the meantime, please put the following dates on your calendar to participate in the live sessions. No worries if you can’t attend – all sessions will be recorded.

Session 1 – Introduction and Stress – DATE / TIME

Session 2 – Food, Digestion and the Microbiome – DATE/TIME

Session 3 – Mindset, Movement and Hydration – DATE/TIME

Session 4 – Sleep, Toxins / Living Clean in a Dirty World – DATE/TIME

The sessions will take place online via [ZOOM]. If you do not already have this software downloaded, you will be prompted to do so in the class announcement emails.

You can participate in the class on most devices – computer, tablet or smartphone.

The participation link will be unique to you – please don’t share it with others.

See You Soon!