’Tis the season! Are You Ready?

We ideally anticipate joy and fellowship related to the holidays, but for many there are also a number of concerns. The large family meals and increased social schedule that accompanies our holiday celebrations may prompt

              energy drain, weight gain, and an increased risk of illness. Sigh!

What are your plans?

Will you decorate your home, trim a Christmas tree (or two or three), attend several parties, host visiting family and friends, shop for and wrap gifts, bake traditional Christmas goodies, enjoy the city light displays, go Christmas caroling, watch classic animated Christmas shows, attend a performance of the Nutcracker … or perhaps you are performing?

Whatever your plans, I think it’s safe to say you will be busy, and possibly exhausted!

How will you support your body? How will you keep going?

If we have talked or you have read my blog, you know I would normally encourage you to drink plenty of water, eat real food, get regular exercise and sleep at least 7 hours each night. But … if you need a shortcut for the season, I have just the thing.

Let’s deck the halls of your body – your cells – with GREEN SMOOTHIES!

How can green smoothies support you through the season?

  • Increase your energy
  • Improve your mental clarity
  • Reduce your cravings for junk food
  • Curtail your snacking
  • Clear your skin
  • Diminish facial wrinkles
  • And boost your immunity!

Green smoothies offer nutrition that is easily absorbed to nourish your cells. You can start your day with a green smoothie, have one for a snack, or drink one just before you leave home for a party. You choose and your body will benefit!

What would these benefits be worth to you this holiday season?

How would you value increased energy and mental clarity?

How would you value decreased snacking and the weight loss that would come with it?

How would you value having fair, smoother skin?

And how would you value being better able to fight the bugs that are passed around?

Such great value, with a very small cost. It involves purchasing the holiday edition of the Green Smoothie Guide, a shopping trip to the grocery store, blending a daily green smoothie, and drinking that yummy green goodness.

Here’s the first step …

Then shop … blend … and swallow!

Here’s to you as you Pursue Wellness!